Mary (majox) wrote in bb_lims,

Round One - Challenge Six Voting

Congrats to the participants and welcome to the semi-finals!

+ First vote for your 2 (TWO) least favourite icons.

+ Then vote for your 1 (ONE) favourite icon.

+ Next to the number you are voting for you MUST give reasons and they cannot be personal reasons for voting against an icon. For example; you can't say you don't like what the text says or the font that was used or that you don't like the colour pink.
What you CAN write is:
- colouring is too dark, it doesn't match the icon because...
- the brush used does not compliment/match the picture... etc etc.

+ When you vote for your favourite icon, you do not need to give a reason, but feedback is always welcomed and appreciated (:

+ Of course you cannot vote for your own icon as your least favourite or favourite. I do check :P

+ People who are not participating can vote as well.

+ Comments are screened.


Voting ends Friday night, make sure you get your votes in.

Final Round will be posted Saturday morning.

Good luck (:
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