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Booth & Brennan LIMS

Booth & Brennan Last Icon Maker Standing
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Booth & Brennan Last Icon Maker Standing

* Join to be a part of the weekly challenges.
* Friend the community so you don't miss any challenge.
* Sign-up HERE
at the sign-ups post.

-Icons and Voting
* Every round you have to enter just ONE icon.
* All icons submitted must be new and never posted before. Do not post them anywhere else until the winners and icon eliminated are announced.
* No animations allowed (unless specified).
* You are allowed to use text, brushes, texture etc.
* Icons must be no more than 40kb and 100x100 px.
* ONLY use the picture provided.
* The icon with the most negative votes will be eliminated.
* Participants may NOT vote for themselves.
* For other rules on icons and voting see the weekly challenge post.

* Every participant gets ONE skip by signing up. If you want to earn more skips read HERE.
* Skips are not allowed in the first and two final rounds.
* Sometimes life gets in the way, skips can be used if you are not able to participate in a certain challenge.
* If you can't/don't sumbit an icon for the challenge before the due date, one of your skips will be automatically used, but you'll still be able to keep on participating.

Don't forget that in order to know you've read the rules , when you sign up HERE
please provide us with your favorite Bones quote.
Have fun! (:


If you'd like to affiliate comment HERE
Or contact me majox your moderator ;)
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